Sarah Brcan

BA Hons (Psychology), Master of Clinical Neurosychology (Unimelb)

Clinical Neuropsychologist

Member of The Australian Psychological Society

Sarah is a fully registered Clinical Neuropsychologist who conducts assessments of young people's thinking skills in order to inform education, rehabilitation, and treatment planning. She works with individuals aged 12 months to 18 years of age, with a range of neurodevelopmental, neurological, genetic, and psychiatric conditions. Sarah works closely with schools, parents and treatment teams to provide recommendations and strategies to support the unique young person's optimal development. Sarah also provides assessment and diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders in young people, including autism spectrum disorder, learning disorders, and dyslexia. 

Autism Assessment

Sarah is highly experienced in the assessment and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. She works closely with the child’s family and school to conduct a comprehensive, dual-clinician assessment that also estimates the child’s current developmental strengths and areas requiring support. Sarah’s assessment provides recommendations for ongoing management and intervention.

Learning Difficulties Assessment

Sarah is an experienced assessor of children and young people with difficulties learning and acquiring skills within an educational setting. As part of the assessment, cognitive issues may be identified that are hindering learning, such as impaired working memory or slow processing speed. Sarah’s assessment may lead to diagnosis of a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, or neurodevelopmental condition such as attention deficit disorder. Sarah provides recommendations for classroom strategies, environmental modifications, and/or structured interventions that may assist the child’s learning and development. 

Giftedness and Twice Exceptional Assessment 

Sarah is passionate about supporting gifted children and young people, including those that have a neurodevelopmental condition. Unidentified gifted children can be particularly vulnerable to psychological difficulties due to feeling unchallenged at school. Gifted children with a specific area of learning difficulty (“twice exceptional”) are further vulnerable. Sarah conducts a comprehensive assessment of cognitive strengths and weaknesses to identify areas of excellence and opportunities for extension, whilst highlighting areas where additional support may be needed for the young person to achieve their best. 

Neuropsychological Assessment 

Sarah enjoys working with children and young people with cognitive difficulties associated with neurodevelopmental and neurological conditions, including attention problems, variations in memory impairments, and language issues. As part of the assessment, cognitive issues may be identified that are hindering learning or contributing to behavioural, daily life, or emotional challenges. Sarah has experience working with young people with brain injury, neurological conditions, genetic syndromes, congenital defects, epilepsy, and drug-and-alcohol related syndromes impacting their everyday cognitive functioning.


School Teleconference & Allied Health Teleconference

Sarah can provide consultation to school staff after the completion of an assessment to discuss the young person’s needs in relation to their school-based environment. She provides recommendations around classroom strategies, environmental modifications, and structured interventions that may assist the child’s learning and development. She is able to provide psychoeducation around a particular diagnosis or cognitive profile. Sarah also provides feedback to the allied health professionals working with the young person in regard to communication and teaching strategies that may assist their therapeutic progress.

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