School Neuropsychological Assessment Referral Letter

A School Neuropsychological Assessment may be indicated for an autistic child when there are issues with learning, behaviour, or coping at school. In your letter, please outline the reason(s) for referral.

Clinical Indications (not exhaustive):

  • They are not learning or achieving to their assumed potential

  • There is a large discrepancy between their academic ability at home and at school

  • They have areas of special ability or splinter skills that aren't being extended

  • It is unclear whether the child's academic problems are due to learning difficulties, or, issues arising from sensory problems, social-communication problems, motivation, or attention

  • They are having difficulty learning or retaining new information

  • They are having difficulty grasping abstract concepts

  • They require significant one-to-one attention to complete learning tasks

  • They are having difficulties in specific areas (e.g. acquiring reading skills, maths)

  • There is a suspected co-morbid intellectual disability, specific learning disability, or attentional disorder