What services does Seedlings provide?


Seedlings is a small boutique service offering a limited range of high-quality supports for children and families affected by neurodevelopmental conditions. We currently offer:

  • Assessment and diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders, including Autism Spectrum Conditions, ADHD, Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia

  • Identification of Giftedness in children

  • Neuropsychological assessment of children

  • Assessment of cognitive strengths and weaknesses

  • Provision of strategies that may facilitate learning and social development

  • Therapeutic supports for neurodiverse children experiencing emotional difficulties and anxiety

  • Strategies for parents to assist in managing children's emotional, social and behavioural difficulties

  • One-to-one social skills training

  • Social skills groups (coming late 2020)

At this time, we do not offer:

  • Crisis support

  • Support for psychiatric symptoms

  • Positive behaviour support

  • Support for very challenging or violent behaviours

  • Family systems supports

  • Intensive or team-based supports 

  • Support for families navigating separation, divorce, or parent mediation

Please speak with your GP or paediatrician regarding pathways to these services. You can also visit our resource page which may assist you and your child on your journey.

How do I get in touch?

We ask that you complete our online Enquiry Form and elect a time that we can contact you. This gives the team an opportunity to discuss the information you give and begin the triage process. 


Our efficient online enquiry system utilises HelloSign, which is designed with a secure, distributed infrastructure with multiple layers of protection. The information you provide is very safe with HelloSign.